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Video Caddie™

Video Caddie™ is designed to be the ultimate course tour. It is a collection of 18 short videos, one for each hole of the course, that includes features like target lines, yardage markers, green mapping, as well as commentary directly from the course pro, explaining the best strategies for playing each hole. 

It is a great playing tool for your members and guests, as well as an amazing marketing tool for your course. You are now able to showcase the beauty and unique qualities of your course in a way that few others can, which separates your course from others and makes you stand out.

From $995

Captivate your audience

Video has the ability to grab attention like few other things. It immediately engages your audience, and if done well, sets a great impression with your visitors. This results in converting more visitors into customers/players/members.

Inn8Golf offers a variety of world-class video solutions that are sure to take your marketing to the next level.

Promo Video

Captivate your audience with a cinematic course experience. Promo videos can make an incredible impression with your audience on your website and social media platforms. They are completely customizable and can range from 45 seconds to several minutes in duration. 

Golf Ads

Think of video ads as a short promo video, intended to grab attention and usually will include a call to action during or at the end of the ad. They can be used to showcase the course, highlight amenities or upcoming promotions.

Social Ads

Social ads are designed to showcase the variety of social amenities your club has to offer. This could be anything from your restaurant, social events, lessons, or camps.

Promo Videos

From $495

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